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Welcome to Green Tails Market 
Green Tails Market in Farmington is a pet supply store that sells the highest quality dog & cat foods, natural treats, & eco-friendly dog & cat products.  We are dedicated to keeping your dog or cat healthy and green and that is why we are constantly searching for unique, sustainable pet supplies, and we sell them at great prices.  Due to our planned growth we recently changed our name so that you would consider us for all your pets needs and not just your dogs, after-all most pets have tails. 


When selecting products for our store we take into consideration where it is made but we also pay close attention to where the ingredients come from because a lot of times it may say made in USA but it doesn't say the source of the ingredients. 
Our retail store is located at 1085 Farmington Ave in Farmington, CT (phone: 860-678-7878).  Closed Sunday's.


Free Delivery
We offer free delivery on orders over $35 to the local area.  Please check our delivery map to see if your are in our delivery zone.  Most orders will be delivered the same day or the next morning.  Not all of the items that we sell in the store are on this website so if you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call at 860-678-7878.
Recycle Your Pet Food Bags
Green Tails Market recently began a pet food bag recycling program that allows it's customers to return any size food bag for $1.00 off a bag of treats.  We'll take that bag and clean it with a biodegradable soap and water.  We'll then upcycle that bag into tote bags, chairs, and anything else we can think of that would allow us to re-use the bags instead of throwing them into the garbage.  Unfortunately pet food bags are not something most municipalities allow it's residents to recycle and there aren't any recycling companies that take small amounts of this type of plastic for recycling so it's up to us to re-use them, which afterall is the best for the environment anyway.
Terracycle now allows for the recycling of all Wellness and Earthborn Holistic bags.  So bring back these bags to us and we'll send them to Terracycle for recycling.  For every bag that we send back to Terracycle they will make a donation to the pet charity of our choice.